Keyboard controls:

  • Move ship with the key:  A = left;  S = down;  D = right;  W = up; Z = Forward;  X = back
  •  And the telescopic sight with the arrows.
  • With the mouse select the buttons

For android use Joystick

Also available on Google Play


video game of shots, you must save the earth, so you have to destroy the meteorites that approach it, all have different speed and direction. Every meteor that hits the earth will detract from life.

To shoot them you must place the sight of the ship in front of them, moving the ship with the left joystick and the telescopic sight with the right joystick.

When you look at it you are in front of a meteor, a small screen is activated where you can see it. And the shots are automatically made.

You have four different types of weapons, two types of lasers and two types of missiles.

When you pass a level of the game you gain ammunition.

The TYPE 1 laser blasts never end, it's the weakest weapon needs several shots to destroy the meteors.

The TYPE 2 laser has twice the power.

TYPE 1 missiles have the power to divert the trajectory of a meteor from a shot.

TYPE 2 missiles destroy meteorites from a shot.

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