Game Battles Tanks Crossfire v1.00

Hello, you are in a battle in enemy territory. You must collect the gold. And destroy enemy tanks. You can use the radar to see where they shoot and where the enemy tanks are. You must approach the enemy tankes to shoot them If you turn on the red light is that ou have been shot.If you turn on the green light indicates that you have an enemy in sight and you can shoot.


  • Move                      - Arrow keys 
  • Shoot                      -Space Bar
  • Pause                      -Press the "p" key or click on the pause button.
  • Zoom Radar        -Press the "z"  key or click on the radar image.
  • Show map            - Press the "i" key or click on the map button.

Zoom Radar

The radar is in default size 2x. If you press the z key or click on the radar, the following sequence will be performed: 2x --> 3x --> 0x --> 1x --> 2x.

Show Map

If you press the "i" key or the map button, the terrain map will be displayed on the radar..

Ligths and Buttons

  • Light red alert you have been shot.
  • Green light indicates that you can shoot.    

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