Roller Skating

Travel the road in roller skates jumping and avoiding obstacles, if you hit an obstacle you will have the opportunity to continue, but next time you will lose the game. You can also accumulate stars, those that are changed to have more opportunities and continue the games.


Click on "Play" to start a game. To advance the player must press space bar.

1 Start   Spacebar
3 Jump   Spacebar 
3 Move Up   Arrow Up 
4 Move Down  Arrow Down


1For 1 coin collected you will get 5 points
2This coin will help you to destroy the obstacles during a time of 5 seconds.
3This coin will help you collect coins for 5 seconds.
4This coin will help you collect coins and destroy obstacles for 5 seconds.
5When you hit an obstacle you will be asked to ask if you want to continue in exchange for a quantity of these coins


Traffic Cones, barricades, car wheels and stop signs.

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